Nobuto Nakajyo
Bus dvd 02
Name Nakajyo Nobuto
Kanji 中条伸人
Gender Male


Nationality Japanese
Birthday March 23, 1977
Residence Chiba Prefecture
Hair Color Black
Eye Color


Manga Debut Bus Gamer Vol. 1 Ch. 1
Anime Debut Bus Gamer Ep. 1
Japanese Voice Suwabe Junichi

Nobuto Nakajyo (中条伸人) is one of the main protagonist of Bus Gamer manga and anime.


Nobuto is a young man with such unusual fascination in blood. Cool and completely realistic, he is a nihilist who has great confidence in himself. However, he is good at taking care of people, and as the eldest, he exists as the leader of AAA. He has experience in brawls rather than grappling, and he does not hesitate in the face of violence. Although he has accepted equal responsibility as an active team member, he shows signs of the possibility that he might abandon AAA if it was to his personal advantage. He likes to drink alcohol, and is a heavy smoker. He holds 2 or more jobs at a day labor place as a manual laborer, works as a lecturer in a shogi classroom, and is also a guard..


He wears short hair and fringes that goes down to his eyes that gives such a blank look on the facial features of his face. He's a tall and strong young man with such a huge love for smoking.


Nakajyo Nabuto was born on March 23, 1977 with the blood type of A. He lives alone in town and currently attending Aoyama University. He is the brain of Team AAA. He appears to be dating multiple woman, but is not attached to any one in particular. He's also advanced shougi ---largest chess-type games ever played to some of the smallest--- player, giving lecturers at a local shougi-class on his day off. He has a record indicate that he was expelled from senior high school after his relation with an organized violence group became public.

Nakajyo is a college student, and is part of a medical faculty. He is his family's third son, and the heir to a serious illness hospital. However, due to his delinquent attitude and willingness to shed other's blood, he has been legally disowned, and currently does not go to college. He is tall and muscular, and usually has his hair covering his eyes. He lives in a six-foot apartment, where a different woman is usually present whenever he is there.

Joining Bus Gamer

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  • Kazuya Minekura and Nobuto has the same birthday, March 23.
  • His brand of smoke is also CABIN.