Kazuo Saitoh
Bus dvd 03
Name Saitoh Kazuo
Kanji 斉藤一雄
Gender Male


Nationality Japanese
Birthday July 18, 1981
Residence Tokyo
Hair Color Blond
Eye Color Violet
Occupation Senior Student
Manga Debut Bus Gamer Vol. 1 Ch. 1
Anime Debut Bus Gamer Ep. 1
Japanese Voice Hiroki Takahashi

Kazuo Saitoh (斉藤一雄) is one of the main protagonist of Bus Gamer manga and anime.


Kazuo is the cheerful member of Team AAA. He is carefree and has an energetic attitude. Nakajyo and Mishiba initially find him irritating, but grew quite fond of him. He does not have any physical strengths. In fact, he states that his only talent is being healthy and hopeless at almost any sports. He is usually a burden to them during fights. However, he is, in fact, good with electronics and machines, and excels at the ability to reason through puzzles and memory problems. His favorite foods are hamburgers and spaghetti. He is the angel-like soul and Oasis of the series. He likes to stick his head into other people's affairs and often gets emotionally undulated. One minute he's upset, the next minute he's all chappy; when someone thinks he's on a roll he suddenly screws up. He speaks and jokes around 100 times more than the other member and is pretty much asking for the others to stop him. When you look at it from another perspective though, perhaps he's the big shot in Team AAA. An innocent and healthy, big, yet younger brother type. Either that or a large dog type that likes to bark. His hobby is playing around with machines and gadgets.


He has a blond hair with purple eyes and his trademark is his eye glasses. He always wear jackets that depicts the word "GAME". He's a tall young man and often adressed as a brat.


Kazuo Saitoh was born on July 18 1981 with the blood type of O. He lives in town and currently a 3rd year senior high school student in a technical school where he goes. He stated one time to Nakajyo and Mishiba that he went to a school wherein the main focus is the profession that every student goes. (He'a a good example because he went to a school and all his lectures are only related to electronics; no academic subjects at all).  He lost his family in an accident when he was one year old. He spent his childhood at an orphanage before being adopted by the Saitoh family where he is now. His mechanical skills are exceptional, after all, his family runs the store.

Joining Bus GamerEdit

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  • His favorite food is yakisoba flavored pritz, a Japanese confectionary called Pai no Mi.
  • He got forced into the job of becoming the president of the executive committee for the school fete.
  • His personality and ability is similar to Ginji Amano from GetBackers. The only difference is Ginji's electricity is his special power.